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Will Dentures Work for Prolonged Tooth Loss?

February 15, 2024

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A closeup of a hand holding a removable denture

As you may know, dentures are made to replace missing teeth. They fill your smile’s gaps and can thus restore your grin. That said, you may wonder: Will dentures work for prolonged tooth loss? If your teeth have been gone for a while, you’ll want to know if the prosthetics are viable. Well, your Lebanon dentist can answer your question. Here’s a primer on why tooth loss weakens your jaw, dentures work for weak jaws, and dentures’ perks in general.

Context: Tooth Loss Weakens Your Jaw

Usually, you would replace missing teeth soon after you lose them. The reason to do so is simple enough: tooth loss erodes and weakens the jaw.

You see, the jaw requires teeth to preserve itself. The stimulus from chewing helps maintain its bone tissue. As a result, even losing a tooth or two can lead to jawbone loss. Your jaw will erode as it receives less and less stimulation.

For the record, an eroding jaw is a severe issue. Several dental prosthetics don’t work when your jawbone lacks density. For example, dental implants need a very dense jaw to stay secure.

Dentures Work for Weak Jaws

Fortunately, dentures can work even if you suffer from prolonged tooth loss. A weak jawbone shouldn’t get in their way.

In reality, certain dentures don’t need a strong jaw. The most notable of these kinds are the full ones that replace whole rows of teeth. Unlike other types, full dentures cling to your mouth with suction. They’re able to stay in place even when your jaw is weak.

Of course, you could also fix your weak jawbone before denture treatment. Your dentist (or a similar specialist) would just need to give you a bone graft. This option would strengthen your jaw enough to handle partial and implant dentures.

Why Get Dentures at All?

Whether you lost teeth weeks or years ago, dentures have great upsides. The most notable include:

  • A Gorgeous Grin – Today’s dentures use quality materials, so they’ll make your smile look natural and lifelike. Friends and family won’t even notice you have them!
  • More Confidence – Dentures restore your grin and thus boost your confidence. You’ll then feel less anxious in social settings.
  • Easier Eating – Dentures will help you chew and eat food, no matter their type. Thus, they’ll add variety to your meals and improve your nutrition.
  • Cost-Effective Care Among dental restorations, dentures are the least expensive choice. That means they’re ideal for patients with limited budgets.

Indeed, dentures will work for prolonged tooth loss. Talk to your dental provider about getting some soon!

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