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Why Does Tooth Pain Seem to Get Worse at Night?

April 26, 2023

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Concerned woman lying in bed with a toothache

After a long day, you’re ready for a good night’s sleep. However, when you get into bed, you suddenly start to experience a significant toothache, making it harder for you to drift off. For many people, tooth pain is at its worst at night. Why is that, and what can you do to address the issue so that it doesn’t interfere with your slumber? Your emergency dentist has the answers.

What Causes Tooth Pain to Get Worse at Night?

It might seem odd for tooth pain to grow more severe at night, but there are a number of possible explanations:

  • No Distractions: You can often distract yourself from a toothache by keeping yourself busy during the day. But if you’re trying to go to sleep, there won’t be much else to focus on, making you much more aware of your pain.
  • Increased Blood Circulation to the Mouth: The position of your head relative to the rest of your body can affect the flow of blood. When you lie down, more blood travels to your face and mouth, putting additional pressure on your teeth and potentially causing discomfort.
  • Exposed Tooth Roots: In some cases, tooth pain is a result of the gums receding and leaving the sensitive roots unprotected. If you brush your teeth right before bed, you may end up aggravating the exposed roots.
  • Late-Night Snacks: Do you sometimes grab a quick bite before bed? This may worsen tooth pain if the food particles irritate any decayed areas. Sugary snacks can be especially problematic.

There could be other reasons for increased tooth pain at night; oftentimes it depends on what the root cause of your discomfort is to begin with.

What Can You Do About Nighttime Tooth Pain?

What can you do if tooth pain is flaring up when you’re trying to fall asleep? Your first step should always be to see your dentist so that they can figure out the underlying issue and treat it. You can also manage your discomfort at home by:

  • Taking ibuprofen or another kind of over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain medication.
  • Keep your head raised when lying down by sleeping on a few extra pillows.
  • Periodically apply a cold compress to the side of your mouth where the pain is occurring.
  • Rinse with salt water two or three times a day.

You can’t afford to ignore a toothache for too long, especially if it’s preventing you from getting enough rest at night. Get in touch with a dental professional immediately to find out how you can relieve your oral pain.

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